"There will always be magic in the world, so long as you are conscious of how many questions go unanswered."

The Four Wings got its start in the niche of independent filmmaking. Originally, the name was conceived as a group of five film artists who would produce quarterly shorts. The identity of these individuals would never be revealed, even to each other, as the nature of these productions was to be so controversial as to call into question their legality. The goal was to cover modern "hot topics" from a presentation that put serious doubt as to whether the content was in fact a work of fiction, or a videographed event. The secrecy would serve a double purpose here, as it would only enhance suspicions surrounding the authenticity of the content. With issues like rape and murder, you can see where this becomes morally gray.

In the end, this model was discarded, in place of a somewhat tamer rendition. To use a metaphor: torturing someone may be the most effective way to make them realize how awful torture is, but that doesn't make it the best method. With the need for secrecy abolished, The Four Wings was able to expand in medium and exposure. There is no need to be a principle in order to embody it and as such, art is not necessarily created by The Four Wings, but rather by the artists who have its principles in mind.