"Mind your mind, Michael: you never know what you really know..."

Michael hasn’t seen outside his own apartment in three days. He is tormented by dreams of his missing wife, nightmares of her return, and the hallucinations that bar him from any control over his own perceptions. He now chases the truth behind his wife’s recurring messages, in hopes of uncovering the tracks of his own fractured mind. But what happens, when it turns out those nightmares are there to keep you safe?

Waking Eye honours the power of the subconscious mind, and the ever-present identity crisis within us all. Think of your dreams; think of every thought that’s popped into your head that you couldn’t believe came from your own mind. The subconscious is a near-endless mine that we have no controllable access to, yet it is continually crossing that border into our consciousness. Just how much is hidden within your own thoughts, and how much of it will you ever come to know?