"We are expressed in all things we create."

The Four Wings of Fallen Angels was founded in 2001 as a set of basic principles to guide and unite artists. We produce independent shorts as well as feature length films and are funded primarily by the artists involved, subsidised by grants from the Canadian government. Our films aim to inspire, inform, humble and redeem.

Since its conception, FWoFA Productions have contributed to nine films, appeared in seven international film festivals, and been accredited Best Visual Narrative for Waking Eye, in 2008.

We are much less an organization than the philosophy we represent and as such, are not a strict list of members, but rather a community in concept. Hence: we are expressed in all things we create. The who is not as important as the what, which in turn is nothing compared to the why. If this doesn't make any sense to you, that's okay. We hope you enjoy our art: that it allows you to learn, to feel, to appreciate, and to act.